Some of the recommendations in our consultation response include:

  • Place a high priority on increasing the numbers of public health specialists and analysts in training.
  • The importance of UKHSA engaging effectively with its partners in the devolved nations.
  • Ensuring that data analytical structures are coherent and shared with partners.
  • The mechanisms for independent public health reviews should be kept in place.
  • Workforce development should be kept as integral as possible and needs professional leadership.
  • An Office of Budget Responsibility for Population Health can strengthen joined-up working across Government on the wider determinants of health.
  • Public health expertise should be given flexibility and mobility across Government.
  • There needs to be a greater emphasis on system leadership as part of the local Director of Public Health role.
  • A strong set of national objectives and supportive metrics which provide the accountability framework for the whole system is essential.
  • We need clarity of responsibilities, and clear lines of accountability and communication between bodies and agencies, including ICSs.
  • There should be subsidiarity between the regional tier.
  • It is vital that the notion of a public health system working as a whole is not lost as the structural changes are actioned. This includes ensuring collaboration and cooperation across all four nations of the UK.


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