The urban environment, climate change and healthy places: a perspective on improving policy and practice

Author: Michael Chang MRTPI, HonMFPH. Programme Manager for Planning and Health at the new Office for Health Improvement and Disparities*. Views are personal.  The effects of our changing climate should concern us as an environmental justice and health inequalities issue, where joining up spatial planning and public health actions can be an effective intervention. The … Continued

Public Health Wales’ Sustainable Development Toolkit, ‘Step Change for a Sustainable Planet’

Sara Peacock, Tracy Evans, Debbie Worland and Richard Lewis talk about this new sustainable development resource, on behalf of Public Health Wales’ Health and Sustainability Hub In Wales, we are responding to our Well-being of Future Generations Act by ‘doing’ sustainable development to tackle and mitigate against global public health challenges including poverty, health inequalities … Continued

COP26 2021, Goal two: Adapt to protect communities and natural habitats

Key facts Global temperatures are estimated to have already increased by 1.0°C above pre-industrial levels. There is a high degree of probability that global temperatures will reach 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels between 2030 and 2052 if the current warming rate continues. Even if global warming were stopped today, the repercussions of warming to date will … Continued

Active travel: essential for our economic, health, and environmental recovery

Mark Kemp, Chair of ADEPT’s Transport and Connectivity Board In April, the Government announced ambitious new targets to speed up the target to cut carbon emissions by 78% by 2035. Active travel – defined as ‘non-motorised forms of transport that involve physical activity, such as walking, cycling and manual scooting’ – will play an integral … Continued

Homelessness in a time of COVID-19 – the need to take action now

Prof. Christine Whitehead & Dr Nancy Holman, LSE London This article was written by LSE London and funded by Trust for London. It first appeared on the Trust for London website on 5 May 2021. In the first in an investigative series of blog posts exploring housing issues, the team at LSE London breaks down … Continued

Changing the way we travel

Claire Sharpe, Marketing Manager at Love to Ride You’ve probably heard the term ‘active travel’, but may not know exactly what it means. Active travel is making journeys via physically active means, such as walking or cycling – so being active whilst getting from A to B. The term usually refers to short journeys such … Continued

Active travel: the benefits to health and air quality

  Gary McFarlane, CIEH Northern Ireland Director Air quality has been a core public health issue since the mid 1800s. Although the pioneering clean air legislation of the early 1980s significantly improved the air quality in towns and cities across the UK, air quality remains a significant public health challenge. In 2016, the Royal College of … Continued

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