The UK Public Health Network works according to 3 core values:

Engaging: generate system-wide conversations

  • Conversations between the statutory and voluntary & community sector organisations are changing the way that the public health community speaks.
  • These conversations focus on system-wide public health issues, such as the individual links between health and sustainable development, encouraging health in all policies, promoting health as the first wealth and tackling health inequalities.

Investigating: map the emerging issues and work that needs to be done

  • Mapping the current public health landscape and regular horizon scanning.
  • Promoting cross-organisational influencing work on key public health issues, including the CSR 2024 and building a resilient public health system.

Connecting: create alignment between public health bodies and policies across the UK

  • Our Policy Group adopt a do-once-and-share approach within the Network where possible, to reduce duplication of effort.
  • Sharing learning and experience from the four UK nations puts organisations in closer contact with each other and is vital to ensure a coherent public health system.

We publish summaries of all our meetings here.

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